About Us

We are a team of passionately devoted individuals working towards providing value-based education to the next generation. Our team comprises of renowned educationists, reputed teachers, doctors and agriculturists.

Our Vision

To provide character building and life-preparing education programmes to help smoothen a child’s transition into adulthood and to help create students who are physically and mentally fit and spiritually sound.

The Pioneer and a Visionary

Secretary and Principal Prof. Keshav Janardhan Shinde, M.sc, first class first, B.Ed. IIT Gate 1st in India. “Starting an English medium School affiliated to the CBSE Board, Delhi, was a long cherished dream of mine and today it is a reality.

Our Mission

  • To instil an inquisitive spirit and hunger amongst the students for all the knowledge available in the world.
  • To develop the power of concentration, focus and detachment from all distractions.
  • To develop a sense of conviction amongst the students to chase their dreams.
  • To develop the confidence and ‘we can do everything’ attitude.
  • To develop love towards the environment and teach them the art of harmonic co-existence with nature.
  • To instil purity in thought, speech and act
  • To work for all mankind to satiate our love for the same.

Our Goals

  • To impart strong educational values and a quality curriculum.
  • To inculcate positive thinking, self-discipline and other values necessary to prepare a person for bigger life goals.
  • To train students in the Art of Meditation, Pranayama and their benefits.
  • Training the students in major sports where India needs to make a name for itself.
  • To instil a sense of social responsibility through NCC, nature tours, projects and visits ities.
  • To develop a feeling of national brotherhood and equality beyond caste, creed, religion and social stature.